The group unites those students of the Department (especially those from the Faculty of Economics) who are interested in the development of economic knowledge, popularizing their own research and analysis and participating in the scientific life of the College.

Within the last few years the members of the group have
- participated in the project “Territorial marketing as an element of an individual’s influence on surrounding and creating their image. Economic, social and cultural aspect.”
- participated in an Organizational Committee of a National Conference “Modern Communal Economy in the EU conditions”
- published in the academic journal “Acta Scientifica Academiae Ostroviensis” and other periodicals and collective publications: Beata Głąb – Using Public Aid in the EU and block exclusions – example of Poland in “ASAO” 2014 3 (1); Kinga Popek – The Crisis in Euro Zone - today and yesterday in “ASAO” 2014 3 (1); Małgorzata Samson – The Influence of European Funds from EFPR on the development and surrounding of Ożarów Commune in “ASAO” 2014 3 (1), Ewelina Maj, Krzysztof Ostrowski – Economic Monoculture in a Region – example of Ostrowiec Steelworks in P. Dziekański, A.Olak, S. Szabo (eds.) Economy and Security as Challenges of the Region in the 21st century, 2014.

In the academic year of 2014/2015 the group had 4 members including Małgorzata Samson as a chairperson.

The scientific supervisor of the group is dr Arkadiusz Chudzik

“Military Enthusiasts”

Military Enthusiasts research group was established in October 2014. Its aim is to focus students’ interests on the National Security. It comprises students who are professional soldiers. The group aims at the dissemination of knowledge related to security and defense.

It brings together 13 members, the president is Emilia Żelazowska, while the supervisor is Dr. Jakub Żak.


Geopoliticians research group was established in October 2014, focusing students’ interests on National Security. It aims at:
- Popularizing knowledge of geopolitics and geo-strategic considerations;
- Involvement in research activities concerning National Security;
- Development of individual interests of students;
The particular interest of the group members is eastern European politics.

"Oxford School Debates"

"Oxford School Debates" research group was established in October 2014. Its mission is to promote forms of public discussion, such as the Oxford debate.
The head of the group is Dr. Przemysław Łukasik.

“Nurses’ research group”

Nurses Research Group gathers students of Nursing and Public Health. Students can work in a group of for BA students, MA students, via the internet and in the graduates’ research group.
The aim of the group is gathering and deepening the knowledge concerning health status and quality of life of the population.
Students explore the methods of scientific research, they learn to select and use appropriate tools and techniques.

As part of their work within the group students:
- publish their works outside the college and in the college scientific journal ,, Acta Scientifica Academiae Ostroviensis ",
- participate in national and international conferences in the country and abroad,
- actively participate in projects to promote the college and the profession of nurse in the local community and beyond.

The supervisor of the student research group is Dr. Małgorzata Cichońska.