The College in Ostrowiec offers seven faculties of first and second cycle, complementary and undergraduate studies for educators, teachers and nurses within
the framework of EU projects; prepares professionals in the field of business, national security, teachers, surveyors, physical education teachers and coaches. Many people develop their qualifications at postgraduate studies. The College constantly supports the activities of the University of the Third Age set up in 2003.
However, these are primarily students and graduates who are our pride. They play sports (I-league team volleyball), successfully study in order to gain their MAs and undertake doctoral studies, planning their academic career. More than 11,000 graduates of first cycle studies and nearly 6,500 postgraduate students are another reason to be proud.

Faculty of National Security
- one of the best in Poland
- the best in the Świętokrzyski region

Undergraduate studies specializations:
- protection of confidential data
- management of military organizations

We offer:
- practical skills
- attractive classes combining theory and practice
- the best lecturers – experts, specialists, practitioners
- possibility of developing one’s interests by participating in research groups, study trips and international exchange programmes
- possibility of participating in optional classes (paintball, sports)
- self-fulfilment through a variety of courses and trainings: mass event manager, youth camp supervisor, basic military training

Faculty of Economics
- 20 years of tradition and success

Undergraduate studies specializations:
- Economy and law
- Management economics and business funds

Postgraduate studies specializations:
- Financial economy and accounting
- Economics and business funds
- Economics of public sector
- Real estate management

We offer
- academic career compatible with the needs of job market
- professional academic staff with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience
- meetings with practitioners
- possibility of developing one’s interests by participating in research groups
- possibility of publishing in academic journals

Faculty of Physiotherapy
- Knowledge and skills
Undergraduate studies – 6 semesters
We offer:

- marketable profession
- very good practical and theoretical preparation for doing a job of a physiotherapist
- classes with working practitioners and high-class specialists in rehabilitation, sports medicine and physiotherapy
- lectures given by visitors –specialists in rehabilitation and physiotherapy
- organization of and participation in scientific conferences
- possibility of developing one’s professional interests by participating in research groups
- preparation for self-reliant and teamwork professional career

Geodesy and Cartography
- Professionalism and experience
3½-year first-cycle engineering studies with the following specialization:
- GPS application in engineering

We offer:
- one of the most attractive fields of study in the area of technical studies, enabling students to work for the development and research institutions, construction industry, environmental engineering and property development
- professional academic taff coming from the AGH University of Science and Technology in majority
- ability to work on modern surveying equipment
- qualitative fieldwork training (in Węgierska Górka, on the slopes of Beskid Śląski) as an opportunity to put theory into practice

first-cycle studies (Bachelor's degree) with the following specializations:
- caring-upbringing pedagogy with pedagogical therapy
- resocialization pedagogy with the elements of social prophylactic and sociotherapy
- Integrated preschool and elementary education
- speech therapy in preschool and elementary education
- professional guidance with elements of coaching

second-cycle studies (Master's degree) with the following specialties:
- caring-upbringing pedagogy with resocialization pedagogy
- professional guidance with elements of coaching
- professional guidance with elements of coaching

Our offer is:
- completing theoretical knowledge with specific skills needed in education pedagogy, resocialization pedagogy and care and upbringing pedagogy obtained directly in the local area
- professional training to work with children, adults, elderly people as well as individuals exposed to social exclusion and marginalization, with abnormalities in socio-moral development
- project-based learning which helps students develop many social skills
- well-educated teaching staff that consists of professionally active pedagogues, psychologists, speech therapist, educationalists of preschool and elementary education, police officers, lawyers, probation officers, employees of correctional facilities, etc.

- Calling and responsibility
3-year first-cycle studies (Bachelor's degree)
2-year second-cycle studies (Master's degree)
2-semester or 3-semester first-cycle studies, bridging studies
giving qualifications to:
- take up work as a nurse in every medical care unit in the EU
- further education by completing courses and specializations
- become a nurse in hospitals, hospices, clinics and other medical care units.

We offer:
professional teaching staff with excellent theoretical knowledge and experience
education in accordance with the requirements of the EU
future-oriented occupation in demand

Our offer includes:
specialist courses
qualification courses
additional specializations

Physical Education
- Knowledge and training
3-year first-cycle studies with the following specializations:
- fitness instructor
- sports instructor
- corrective-compensation gymnastics

We offer:
- theoretical and practical preparation for didactic and educational work in primary schools and secondary schools with additional qualifications:
- fitness instructor knowledgeable of the choice of exercises and various techniques utilizing fitness accessories, prepared to counsel and motivate in the areas of fitness and health
- sports instructor (formal qualifications – sports instructor certificate)
- compensating and corrective exercises of children in schools, orphanages, healthcare facilities, etc.
- possibility to adjust the dates of classes to the students’ needs so so that they would not interfere with sport trainings
- professional teaching staff coming from University of Rzeszów and the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice in majority

Public Health
- Innovativeness, knowledge, effectiveness

3-year first-cycle studies with the following specializations:
- electronic health records
- nutrition and dietetic counselling
- health educator
management in the healthcare
Public Health Undergradutates are professionals working in many domains of social life (State Sanitary Inspection, Environmental Protection Inspectorate, National Health Fund, schools, hospitals, sanatoriums) with the following abilities to:
- plan, develop and organize disease prevention programs
- give first aid in emergency
- communicate the necessary knowledge of how to prevent diseases and treat addictions
- identify hazards and health problems in the specific population

What is more, you will learn:
- propaedeutics of medicine and healthcare as well as epidemiology, environmental health, social and health policy
- management in the healthcare, based on the rule of law and modern management techniques