"Semper in altum" (always upwards) is the motto of our College, which has become the embodiment of the dreams of science development in a small town without any academic traditions - Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski.

For 20 years we have been working hard to expand the horizons of human thought, leading it to the truth, beauty and goodness. The College of Business and Entrepreneurship aims at creating the best possible training conditions thanks to highly qualified academic staff, modern teaching base, the implementation of many EU projects and researches and extensive cooperation both on the national and international levels.

Engaging in educational, cultural and sports activities, as well as adapting the educational offer to local needs, the College is constantly growing into the town of its origin and helps to overcome some of its problems.

Within the walls of the College, numerous conferences, seminars, open lectures on various topics addressed to multiple audiences have been organised, plenty of cooperation agreements has been signed, which all has contributed to more efficient functioning of the College but also has brought benefits to its partners.

Our graduates bear witness to the College, which is why our mission is to equip students with the necessary professional skills, develop their openness to the world and to another human being, respect for human dignity, empathy, honesty and diligence. Let them be our pride and effectively work towards the whole Polish society.